2015, Dublin - Oneplus One

“The ones that love us never really leave us”. (Sirius Black (Harry Potter))

  • Internet is broken by an angry programmer who is totally right:
  • For people who uses npm for left-pad which was unpublished by Azer, can do this for fixing the builds: (Because code is still in github; just not in npm anymore)
    "dependencies": {
      "left-pad": "git+ssh://[email protected]:azer/left-pad"

    OR shortcut:

    "dependencies": {
    "left-pad": "azer/left-pad"
  • Situation on the npm side: Fun fact: because of all the metadata, the javascript community downloads “isarray” in the excess of 100GB a month from npm. For a one liner Tweet

  • More JS comedy when it’s digged deeper:
  • “Saturday night data mining: #golang contributors by date”
  • New trend: Reply everything with “willing to relocate San Francisco”
  • NPM & left-pad: Have We Forgotten How To Program?
  • Microsoft’s AI backed tweetbot melted down after 24 hours of learning.
    • http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2016/03/24/microsofts-teen-girl-ai-turns-into-a-hitler-loving-sex-robot-wit/
  • Cloudflare’s library CDN links. Lots of goodies are here for production environment (React, Angular, Bootstrap, Jquery)
    • https://cdnjs.com/libraries
  • Apple’s iPhone recycling robot Liam, it only takes 11 seconds
    • https://twitter.com/verge/status/713115617411227648?s=09