Roundup 2020-08-01

Has been more than 8mo since I last posted.

  • Tools discovered
    • visidata: This is a sick tool to view/edit/search tabular data. Way better than libreoffice, vim, xsv etc. I tried all of them, none was coming closer to vd. I like dealing with CSV files sizing around GB magnitude. visidata is great at dealing with them, opening lazily and searching and it doubles with vim style jumping around.
      • pip install visidata or sudo apt-get install visidata
      • vd my.csv => Enjoy.
    • timescaledb: Set up on top of Postgres and specialized for timeseries storing. Direct competitor is influxdb
    • exa: Really nice ls replacement.
      • cargo install exa
      • brew install exa
  • TIL
    • Tesco has 3400 stores in UK, 6500 stores worldwide.
    • Postgres by default uses a unix user account to authorize. In order to connect from a program, you need to convert authorization to md5 from peer in pg_hba.conf.
    • Warren Buffett bought his first stock at the age of 11.
  • Free stuff for developers (web or backend)
    • In case you didn’t GCP has always free micro instance unlike AWS’ 1 year free micro instance.
    • Hyvor talk is a good free alternative to disqus which started to show extreme number of ads in my websites so i’m moving away from disqus
  • More reading: Data Structures & Algorithms I Actually Used Working at Tech Companies