I like prose.io because you can work on the blog post before publishing it. Since I have moved my blog to Netlify CMS, I’m forcing myself to write everything in this CMS. However, this draft/published mechanic doesn’t come out of box (well it sort of does). And also there is a fallback mechanism: If you don’t use editorial workflow, CMS does local saves to your browser as far as I understand. So it somehow preserves the draft but don’t trust this.

According to netlify docs, add this to your config.yml under /admin folder: publish_mode: editorial_workflow

This is only supported by Github currently. However, they will add more platforms soon.

Once you add it, it automatically adds a dropdown to your post to save it as draft. You can publish it later.

And in the /admin home page you will have a link called “Workflows” at the navbar which leads to a nice kanban style board with posts draft/in review/published: