Vieux Port de Montréal

Vieux Port de Montréal, October 2015 - Oneplus one

Redcarpet is the engine written in C by Github, It’s also known as Github flavored markdown. I’ve been using kramdown since the beginning but apparently redcarpet has some cool features like autolinking.

For example if you put a link in your post without using <url> notation or [url text](url), kramdown does not convert those urls into <a> tags. Instead it renders them as raw text in <p> tag.

Here is my config.yaml:

markdown: redcarpet
  input: GFM
  hard_wrap: false
  extensions: ["autolink", "fenced_code_blocks"]

Here is the full list of available redcarpet extensions:

Btw fenced codeblocks kicks ass, just put your code like this: