I hate the small disks, it blocks apt update/upgrade commands usually.

# Top 20 largest folders (directories, i was windows guy)
du -a | sort -n -r | head -n 5

# Top 20 largest files in home folder (directory)
du -a /home | sort -n -r | head -n 5

# My favorite:
du /* -hsx | sort -rh | head -20

# take a look at /tmp
ls -lah /tmp

# Kernel directories are another suspect.
# Check your kernel version
uname -r

# This folder is probably a culprit.
du /usr/* -hsx | sort -rh | head -20
ls /usr/src -lah

# Clean up journalctl logs
journalctl --vacuum-time=2d  # Retains last two days

# Clean up apt cache.
sudo apt autoclean
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt clean

If your problem is excessively space occupying old kernel versions: Consider getting rid of the ones which are older than your kernel appropriately.

du -> sort command may fail if there is 0 space.

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