I keep forgetting deluge commands so let me put it here for myself. Many of them are self explanatory but I’m dumb and keep forgetting.

  1. Create screen
  2. Start deluge service: deluged
  3. Start deluge console deluge-console
  4. Add a new torrent: add magnet-link
  5. List the torrents being downloaded: info
  6. Remove a torrent (eg finished torrent without removing the data): rm torrent-id (You can find the id from previous command.)
  7. Pause a torrent pause torrent-id
  8. Continue paused torrent resume torrent-id
  9. Exit: exit

All commands with more params

Alternatively if you are a GUI person, you can use deluge-web command in a screen to observe using web UI even with authentication:

Default port for deluge-web is 8112, so just navigate to http://my_deluge_server_ip:8112

More info

What’s deluge and how to download: https://deluge-torrent.org/