Thanks to heroku beta pricing.

  • mkdir blog
  • cd blog
  • git init

  • sudo gem install jekyll
  • sudo gem install github-pages
  • sudo gem install bundler

For development, live refresh etc

  • sudo gem install pygments.rb
  • sudo gem install listen

Create the project

  • jekyll new .
  • jekyll build --watch # Auto reload.
  • Go to http://localhost:4000

Import posts from self hosted Ghost blog

  • Go to
  • Export json file with all of your posts.
  • sudo gem install jekyll_ghost_importer
  • jekyll_ghost_importer GhostBackup.json # This will create _posts folder and _draft folder.

Play with the settings

  • vim _config.yml
  • permalink: pretty
  • paginate: 10
  • paginate_path: "/page/page:num/"

Add pagination

I have ~400 posts so need to paginate in order to show in the main page. Used this recepi:

PS: To create a new post you can use github’s UI and preview mode which is cool but not as cool as Ghost of course.