My best spent 15 euro.

It’s not that ugly, counts my steps, tracks my sleep, 3 alarms with nice vibrate, solid battery (lasts 1 month), phone call notification, smart lock (my fave) etc etc.

This little guy is pretty talented. Plus apparently so durable. One of the redditors made it driven over by multiple cars accidentally and it was still working:

Btw, it’s not water proof, it’s water resistant. So it’s ok to take shower with it but don’t do it, it’s rubber.

Works with iOS as well. The app looks way better in iOS :-/

Uses bluetooth 4.0 which is Bluetooth Low Energy(LE).

It has smart alarm which is based on your sleep pattern. Haven’t tried it yet.


I don’t like the design of the app but it just works, shows the stats, doesn’t crash.

I don’t like lack of integration with other apps like Google Fit, Fitbit, Withings etc. Maybe in the future?

It has 3-led indicator which shows if you reached your daily target (one led means 1/3 of your target, obviously). However, this doesn’t work like fitbit which shows after gently tapping. For mi band, you need to do “what time is it” gesture with your wrist. Really bad at understanding this, so I don’t really use it. In the next versions maybe there will be an update on this. Because you can dismiss the alarm by tapping.

No display might be a shortcoming for other people, well not for me. This increases battery life and narrows the size.

Hacky stuff

There is an unofficial version of the app which can show notifications from other apps:

There is no official way to export data. To export data there are reverse engineered libraries:

There is a guy in XDA made a data extraction and analysis tool:

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