I finally got my OnePlus One after a long waiting for an invitation. I have been using it for 2 weeks.


  • Price price price. it’s a giant phablet.
  • Gorgeous design. people are asking me all the time what phone this is.
  • I started to like back cover. some people might not like it though. I don’t know, I fell on it from my bike and it survived with just some scratches in the back. Anyway, the back cover is replaceable, yet another +1.
  • Camera is waaaay better than n5. It has slow mo and 4k UHD and DCI support. DCI is not supported by all 4k recorders.
  • Cyanogenmod is awesomely awesome. They have great support. since this guy is their flagship, they are really solving problems with OTA updates. We have 2 year support from CM.
  • Battery yes! finally. this is where I was bought in. my n5 was sufficient for everything but it’s battery was so unstable. I know it’s not gonna last long but it’s impossible to anticipate it. with opo you don’t have those things. I saw almost 5 hours screen on time. it’s powered by 3100mah battery.
  • charger from the box is great as well. It charges really fast. it’s a 5V 2.1mA adapter. My old ZTE was charged in less than 7 minutes.
  • packaging was so good!
  • screen is crisp. I forgive its not being qhd.
  • shipping was so fast. I chose express and it arrived in 6 days.
  • front camera is 5mp, but first lemme take a selfie
  • CM camera app is awesome, it has a lot of modes.
  • CM is very good at combining strong sides of pure Android with useful customizing capabilities. you can change almost all behaviours of the phone.
  • Gestures are so easy to activate to I don’t really use them but lock and unlock gestures are extremely useful. I barely use the power button.
  • 3gb RAM - more ram FTW!
  • East to modify cpu governor, performance settings and memory management settings without rooting your phone. just enable developer mode.
  • Easy to activate power save mode after 14% of battery level for example. it’s Android L style power saving (reduce the CPU frequency). No rooting required.
  • Capacitive vs on screen button switch. be able to assign custom behaviours to the capacitive buttons.
  • Music shortcuts like next/prev song. this has been a long missing feature from me since Sony Ericsson Walkman phone times.
  • I stopped using my tablet and iPod touch. One device will rule them all.
  • Dropped twice. Only minor scratches in the back cover which is changeable.


  • Sooo big. Bigger than g3 and s5 even though it has same 5.5 screen size.
  • Prices differ in different countries. be careful which country you are buying from. You can switch by typing country code at the address bar.
  • I don’t really care but battery is not changeable.
  • After getting used to this guy, other phones look like little toys.
  • This is a rare problem but I have a slight issue with the touch screen. When I type fast, phone thinks I’m swiping, pretty annoying. According to the changelogs, they have already fixed this issue. However, mine has not been fixed after updates. Waiting for another one.

Some Stats

Before ART

FYI: I hate benchmark tests, they all mislead people.

After ART

Don’t think it’s impacted much by ART

For a Nexus 5 user like me, these are impressive numbers. Because max I can see 3 hours Screen On Time (SOT) with my N5.


I bought this guy for screen protection but never installed. Instead, I use these simple ones. I don’t like cases, especially when the phone is already big. However, I bought this bumper just in case.