I bought a small package of happiness from amazon. Little, fast, silent, light, beautiful…

It’s an SSD, Samsung 840 EVO which has really aggressive pricing.

I used this site to decide what to buy:

You should not really care about this 6gb/s thingy. You should divide it by 8 (1 byte=8 bits and it’s 6gbit not 6gbyte); so this is the speed of your sata3. Old sata2 ones have around 3gb/s. 6gb/s ~= 750mb/s

Difference between read/write speeds and gb/s speed


Fun part: Benchmarks

My old companion who is still awesome! (1tb, 7200 RPM) ** Just a side note, this hdd is connected to computer via a USB3.0 box, tests are not done by connecting it to the mainboard.

Aaand this is the beast:

Windows benchmark of the beast: alt