In Ubuntu 13.10, If you are using desktop based viewport switching which basically makes you change virtual desktops by scrolling to switch to next/previous desktop, you will possibly see this bug. Some of the core ubuntu apps are not getting scroll events if you are using a usb mouse. On the other hand, touchpad works just fine.

Here are some of the buggy apps which are affected by ubuntu usb mouse scrolling problem:

  • nautilus
  • gedit
  • synaptic

Name: Regression: Enabling typical bindings in “Desktop-based Viewport Switching” breaks scrollwheel scrolling in some windows with a usb mouse on a laptop

Here is the bug:

What I understand is that it’s related to gtk and the only way to solve is disabling desktop based viewport switching from compizconfig settings manager. To install it:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Let’s wait for next ubuntu update.

PS: I have just updated my ubuntu 13.10, and still no fix of the bug.